Antari Z-1000II Fog Machine with Z-50 wireless remote

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now: S$ 369.99
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Supplied with Z-50 wireless remote

Key Features:
  • 12,000 cubic ft / minute
  • 220V
  • Z-1000II dominates the entry-level of Z-Series II Fog Machine for high-performance output necessary to scale up the machines’ efficiency. It is equipped with ECO thermal control system and patented UNICORE heater technology where the heater core can be easily draw-out from the heater block ensuring quick and easy cleaning.


    The heater element is like a jet air stream that can deliver a powerful fog in order to create the very best atmospheric effect. (perfect for mid-air smoke as well) In addition, it is armed with on-board DMX to work with club lighting directors, installers, planners as well as DJ’s who need more fog and control.


    Antari Z1000II

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