WorkPro LightShark

Perfect for small events, nightclubs, drama schools, corporate and medium-sized live events, WorkPro's LightShark Series is a new concept in lighting control systems that combines the versatility of the software solutions with the ergonomics, built-in interfacing, and physical usability of a hardware console.
LightShark Series is the first ever hardware lighting console range to offer a wireless, web-based control UI from any smart device like a smartphone, tablet or computer, combined with physical faders, encoders and an independent DMX engine.

WorkPro LightShark LS-C1544T Hard Case For LS-1 / LS-Wing

Hard case for LS-1 DMX Controller
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WorkPro LightShark LS-Node 4 Universe RDM/DMX Streaming Device

4 inputs, 4 outputs, ArtNet compatible
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Key Features:
  • RDM/DMX streaming device
  • 4 inputs, 4 outputs
  • Compatible with LightShark
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WorkPro LightShark LS-Node 2 Universe RDM/DMX Streaming Device

RDM/DMX streaming device. 2 inputs, 2 outputs.
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Key Features:
  • RDM/DMX streaming device
  • 2 inputs, 2 outputs.
  • Compatible with LightShark and any other ArNet compatible desk
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WorkPro LightShark LS-Wing Lighting Control for LS-1

Program from any web browser. No proprietary software needed
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Key Features:
  • LS .wing can be set up as:
  • 1-Lightshark Fader Wing
  • 2- OSC & UDP Programmable controller
  • 3- MIDI Console
  • 4- Remote controller.
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WorkPro LightShark LS-1 Lighting Control System With 4,096 Outputs

Program from any web browser. No proprietary software needed
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Key Features:
  • Designed for fast programming, avoiding repetitive tasks
  • Supports DMX-512, Art-Net, ACN, MIDI, UDP, OSC and HTTP
  • Multi-touch UI: Allows multiple touch events simultaneously
  • 8 DMX universes: 4096 channels to manage a complete show
  • Edit your own fixture library with support for virtual modes
  • WIFI and 100/1000 Ethernet
  • Supports OSC control software or a MIDI console connection
  • 10 main playbacks: 10 main playback faders
  • 20 virtual playbacks: manage 30 playbacks in total
  • Manual crossfade: Jump quickly between cues
  • Cross-platform: No matter the OS, it is web based
  • Built-in web server app, pre-loaded instantly in the web client
  • Extended Cue memory: Up to 1200 cues
  • Fanning function: Quick access to fanning
  • Built-in FX engine: More than 20 customizable effects
  • Submaster FX size & speed: Accurate effect control
  • RGB & CMY Color Picker: Adjust the color with just a click
  • Unlimited user palettes gives you a lot of possibilities
  • Customizable Executors window: Ultrafast cue triggering
  • Internal event scheduler: Useful for architectural applications
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